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Google Accounts and Passwords

The passwords everyone received in June are now active for both your network connections in the district and your new Gmail and Google Drive accounts. Staff should not try changing their Google passwords from home because that won’t update your network password. Instead, staff should change their network password when you arrive at your building, which will then automatically update their Google password.

Here’s what you need to know about changing your network password.

First, lets come up with some names to call them, so maybe it’ll make things less confusing:
“Old Password” – The password you had during last year, up until 8/7/2015 when I changed them.
“Crazy Password” – The password you were provided on June 23rd, but didn’t become active until 8/7/2015 and looks something like this: IH8it4eva
“New Password” – The password you will set for yourself, that is easier to remember, but still secure

1) You must be in the district on a district owned device.
2) After you login using your crazy password, you can set a new(less crazy) password. Mac users may be prompted to update your “Keychain Password”, but should cancel or ignore.
3) New passwords must be 6 characters or more and include 3 out of 4 of the following:
-A lowercase letter
-An uppercase letter
-A number
-A special character(such as @, $, or #)
4-Mac) Mac users change their password by going to “Apple Menu”, “System Preferences”, then “Accounts”, click their account, and click “Change Password”.
4-PC) PC users type Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and click the change password option.
5) You’ll enter your “Crazy Password” and then enter your “New Password” twice and submit.
6) Best next step is to logout of the computer and then log back in with your “New Password”.
7) Mac users will probably get a “Keychain Update” prompt again and should now type their “Old Password”

Updated: August 12, 2015 — 6:00 am
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